Enjoying Amsterdam during the Lockdown

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November 25, 2019
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Enjoying Amsterdam during the Lockdown

Amsterdam during Lockdown

Most stores, restaurants, cinemas, coffee shops and many other fun activities to do in our beautiful city are closed. On paper, of course, this paints a sad picture. You might wonder what is left to do in Amsterdam, the normally bustling and lively city. If we’re going to be completely honest with you, during the lockdown there’s not much more to do than be outside walking and/or cycling. We just feel that we are selling this beautiful city short because there are plenty of great outdoor activities to do in Amsterdam to still be able to enjoy the beautiful city.

For example, you could go for a long walk. There are plenty of nice neighbourhoods in Amsterdam where you can stroll around and enjoy the real Amsterdam atmosphere. Nice Amsterdam neighbourhoods to visit are: NDSM, North, East, Eastern Islands, the Plantage, Westerpark, Old-West, Old-South, Southeast, the Pijp, the Jordaan, the Grachtengordel, the 9 Straatjes, Nieuwmarkt, Museumkwartier and many more. So, you get a taste of the city by walking through these different neighbourhoods. During the walk you can take a look at different to-go stalls of local entrepreneurs and to finish you can also pick up your order at Prix d’Ami.

NDSM Amsterdam North

Another option can be to discover the different Asian supermarkets in Amsterdam. The supermarkets are still open and Amsterdam is a multicultural city. By visiting these supermarkets, you will take a journey through Asia and come across different new products that you might find very tasty. Perhaps this will end an evening of deliciousness with a new dish to sample.

Biking along the canals in Amsterdam is also still possible. Amsterdam officially has about 165 canals with a length of 75 kilometres, which means you can go for a long bike ride. The oldest canal dates back to 1385, this is the Oudezijds Voorburgwal. Other well-known canals in Amsterdam that are worth seeing are: the Brouwersgracht, the Prinsengracht, the Bloemengracht, the Entrepotdok, the Groenburgwal, the Herengracht and the Reguliersgracht. Of course, there are many more beautiful canals to admire in Amsterdam but these will help you get started. While cycling (or walking of course) along these canals you will get an impression of Amsterdam while looking at the different and beautiful canal houses along the way. Have fun!

Canal of Amsterdam

Another activity you can do is enjoy and relax in the most beautiful parks of Amsterdam. The weather in the Netherlands is getting better and better as spring approaches. This means we can enjoy the great outdoors and luckily Amsterdam has many beautiful parks where you can walk and or just relax. Here are some tips on which parks to visit: Vondelpark, Amsterdamse Bos, Westerpark, Park Frankendael, Oosterpark, Sarphatipark, Beatrixpark, Rembrandtpark, Het Twiske, Gijsbrecht van Aemstelpark, Amstelpark and many more. So, you have plenty of choice if you want to enjoy one of Amsterdam’s many parks. Another tip would be to take a stroll along and through the various parks.

As you can read, there is plenty to see and plenty of options to enjoy Amsterdam’s glory. It may consist a lot of walking/biking and other outdoor activities but that shouldn’t spoil the fun. It’s still worth a visit to the city. The lockdown is unfortunate of course but we are rowing with the oars we have and they are good ones. We hope to welcome you back to our location soon! We miss you guys!

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