Prix d’ami Will Boost Your Mind in this New Year Eve 2019

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December 24, 2018
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Prix d’ami Will Boost Your Mind in this New Year Eve 2019

new year celebration

One of these special occasions is the last day of the year, People start preparing for New Year’s Eve several weeks before. We are also already prepared the new year eve celebration. After all it is the biggest festival in all the year. Are you ready? if not. You get a chance to enjoy and listen to amazing DJs in the new year evening.

If you won’t be bored and want to celebrate the new year with your friends than join us.

We decorate our coffee shop for our customers. We enjoy the late night in the new year evening. The biggest party will be held in our coffee shop. Our special menu is waiting for you.

Grand party:

Prix d’ami is the largest coffee shop in the world. So we are celebrating the grand party in the grand coffee shop. As you all know that we have 500 seats, 5 smoking areas, a cinema room and 36 flat screens hanging throughout the building.

Delicious food:

The most important in all the party is food. Prix d’Ami provide the delicious breakfast, Luxury Tosti’s, Focaccia, Wraps, Bio Farm Bread, Snacks, Crepes, Sweet, Smoothies, Slush Puppy, Ice Coffee, hot drinks and cold drinks and many more amazing food.


Without music party should not complete. Music is also very important part of the party. Without music party is fully boring. But don’t your worry about the music because we have the amazing Djs.

New Year Resolution:

Don’t forget about the new year resolution. Make the resolves to change an undesired trait or behavior or to accomplish a goal or otherwise improve your life.

Celebration and parties of the new year are important party of the holidays. So celebrate the new year eve with the lots of fun and excitement and also look forward to all the new opportunity.
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