Prix D’Ami’s heart is beating next to the heart of Amsterdam – The Amsterdam’s central Station

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Prix D’Ami’s heart is beating next to the heart of Amsterdam – The Amsterdam’s central Station

Have you ever been to Amsterdam? Than you must have at least once gone through its heart! And if you are a regular coffeeshop visitor, you may already know that Coffeeshop Prix D’Ami, the gem of Amsterdam and the largest coffee shop in the world is located within just 2 minutes walking distance from the Central Station and right near Amsterdam’s most visited museums and attractions. 

The Amsterdam Central Station which proudly wears its nickname “Heart of Amsterdam”! It geographically and literally is the heart of the city, and it connects it with quite a few different parts of the continent.

Roughly 250,000 people go through the Amsterdam Central Station on a daily basis, making it the biggest public transport transfer spot in the city which is both, successfully serving tourists that are visiting Amsterdam, as well as its locals.

Here you will find the final stops of several lines of city trams and buses, as well as waterfront stations of city ferry lines which transfer cars and passengers to Amsterdam North (Amsterdam Noord).

Unfortunately, if you are driving to Amsterdam Central Station, you should probably know that you won’t find an easy access Station, nor accessible parking. The only access by car is from the Ij-zijde where you may only stop to drop off passengers and luggage. Taxis and city buses have a better way of reaching the station and will most likely bring you closer. The Meeting Point is located directly at the Central Station main entry, outside the station hall.

And if you are a tourist, it would be of a great help for you to know that this is where the main Amsterdam Tourist Office is based, as well as departure quays for the tourist boats cruising around the city canals. In front of the station Main Entry, the main Amsterdam Tourist Office is located in a traditional wooden white Dutch coffee house. It opens every day from 9 am until 5 pm, on Sundays from 9 am until 4 pm! But it is closed on 25 Dec, though on January 1 it opens at 10 am.

For tourists who have to wait until their check in time in hotels or transportation comes, there is an option to leave their luggage at the the station luggage lockers which are open 24/7. There is also a cheaper option for travelers on a budget – an independent Amsterdam luggage storage 5 minutes walk from the station.

And don’t you worry about getting lost or misinformed! You will find Information desks at the entry and great number of vending machines, some of which even sell train tickets to other stations in the Netherlands.

What makes the Amsterdam Central Station, one of the best ones in the world is the fact that is is completely accessible for handicapped people. It is also an open shopping centre and most shops open at 7 am. You will also be able to find a GWK Travelex Change offices here.

Also, you don’t need to worry that you will be bored while waiting for your train! You may take your time to enjoy several different cafés and fast food restaurants.

And this would be yet another great reason for you to visit the beautiful city of Amsterdam!

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