The Best Coffeeshop That Can Satisfy Your Munchies

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September 4, 2019
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October 2, 2019

The Best Coffeeshop That Can Satisfy Your Munchies

If you live in Amsterdam or if you are someone who has at least been to Amsterdam before and indulged in the amazing smoking realm of this town, you have probably learned very quickly that feeling painfully hungry after a relaxing, fun night spent in a coffeeshop, is almost inevitable!

This “phenomenon” is called having the munchies! So, what on earth causes it?

Researchers believe that THC in marijuana is what causes the munchies because of an appetite-stimulating hormone that sharpens your sense of smell and taste. Chemical compounds in marijuana react with the brain to enhance appetite and then it’s all connected to the body’s endocannabinoid system, which helps regulate the brain, immune system, sexual function, metabolism, and mood.

Researchers believe that THC interacts with ghrelin, a hormone secreted by the stomach that stimulates appetite, which is why synthetic THC has even been approved by the Food and Drug Administration as a way of treatment for people with anorexia.

So, having the munchies after smoking your favorite cannabis product can be rather bothersome! And you may find yourself walking around and having a difficult time deciding where you would like to eat and not go bankrupt! And wouldn’t it be amazing if you could just stay at your favorite coffeeshop and grab something to eat?

Don’t you worry! This place exists, and it is literally known as the munchies paradise of Amsterdam! Here you can enjoy all mornings, days and evenings without having to worry about food!

Prix d’Ami is the largest coffee shop in the world and the best one in the Netherlands!

It is located in a very attractive part of the city, only 2 minutes walk from the Central Station, near Amsterdam’s most visited museums and attractions. This coffeeshop offers an amazing interior, beautifully decorated and attractively lit, featuring 5 smoking areas and a cinema room with 36 flat screens hanging throughout the building.

Their smoking products are top quality, and the staff is amazingly friendly and helpful! This place is so awesome, they sell their branded smoking accessories and merchandise in the shop itself and on their website.

But you are here because of the food as well, right?

Prix d’Ami’s kitchen offers an excellent menu with a wide variety of choices! Their food is always fresh, carefully cooked and delicious, you’d be back for more!

Their rich breakfast menu includes scrambled eggs on toast with bacon, cheese or tomato, delicious yogurt with fruit, topping granola or dreamy farmers bread with avocado! Their Tosti and Focaccia menus are impressively rich as well! But people especially tend to fall in love with their delicious, heavenly wraps, whether it’s a chicken or beef wrap!

Prix d’Ami is famous for its snacks! Here you will find the best nachos with a wide variety of topping choices, as well as the best chicken wings and hot dogs!

And if you’ve been craving some sugar, Prix d’Ami is the right place for you! Their dessert menu is mind-blowingly rich – all sorts of waffles, crepes, creme brûlée, banana split, doughnuts…but have you ever tried their infamous smoothies and milkshakes? There are people who visit Prix d’Ami only for them! And no one can blame them! They are delicious beyond words!

At Prix d’Ami you can enjoy smoking your favorite product while having a warm cup of delicious coffee or hot chocolate, or maybe a cold drink of your choice! You will also find Slush Puppies on their menu!

But do you know what else this coffeeshop is famous for? Their Wake & Bake Breakfast Sessions! Wake up, get ready, and come to your favorite coffeeshop to fight off the groggy state with their amazing products and food!

This makes Prix d’Ami the best coffeeshop in Amsterdam where you can enjoy your Wake & Bake breakfast session!

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