5 Stoner movies for a delicious Netflix & chill

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April 11, 2021

5 Stoner movies for a delicious Netflix & chill

Stoner movies for Netflix & Chill

This lockdown can get really boring sometimes. By now, we’re all kind of sitting at home and have done most of it by now. Now there is one thing that is always good to pass some time and that is watching a lovely movie on the couch or from bed. Just Netflix & chill with your order of Prix d’Ami. Add some delicious snacks and enjoy a chill movie marathon, because we have made a list of some good stoner movies for you!

Weed the people

Weed the people is a more serious documentary. These movies are about the use of medical marijuana. Medical marijuana has seen hopeful results over the years and now patients, parents and children with cancer want more research done on the healing effects of marijuana. If you like a documentary that is more serious and interested in the effects of marijuana in the medical field, we can recommend this documentary to you.

How High

For all the lovers of comedies here we have one for you! How High is a comedy film from 2001 and is about two stoners who use a weed that apparently increases your intelligence. After taking this drug they take an entrance exam. The stoners end up scoring so high that they qualify for a prestigious university. In fact, they can get a scholarship to Harvard. If you like a comedy and you are curious about this plot this movie is a good option for you.

Lucas Brothers: On Drugs

This is a stand-up comedy set by twin brothers and comedians Keith and Kenny Lucas. In their set at Brooklyn, they talk about drugs, racial issues, Deion Sanders, teachers and O.J. Simpson.  If you like stand-ups this might be a good movie to go see.


This is a raw comedy about growing up. The last two weeks of high school have come and gone and a group of girlfriends have to deal with changes, loss, and more problems in them. What better solution to all these problems than to start smoking a lot of weed? If you are a fan of a coming to age movie this could be one for you.

The Legend of 420

This is a slightly lighter documentary than “Weed the People’’. The documentary is a humorous look at an investigation into the growing trend in America to decriminalize and legalize cannabis. Furthermore, it talks about the use of cannabis in art, medicine and sophisticated cooking. So, if you like humour and documentaries, this one is for you!

Of course, there are many more good stoners movies you can watch when you’re cosy (or not) yourself. We only hope these five stoner movies will get you a little further on your way to a great Netflix & chill. So, get your goodies and snacks out there relax and enjoy! We hope to see you with us again soon!

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