Do You Know Where Amsterdam Hides Its Best Pancakes?

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September 17, 2019
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November 25, 2019

Do You Know Where Amsterdam Hides Its Best Pancakes?

The internet offers countless “Top Best” lists, to help tourists as well as locals in their everyday search of “the best places” where they can try “the best food” or engage in “the best activities” in the cities they are visiting.

There is also a significant number of lists of places where you can try the “Best Pancakes” in Amsterdam! Amsterdam is well known as the European capital of “Best Pancakes” and “Best Waffles”, so sure enough, making those lists is a difficult task!

If you ask what exactly makes a pancake “The Best Pancake” in Amsterdam, you will most likely get different answers as people have different tastes and preferences. But a good Pancake House or a restaurant owner would know that the trick of attracting and keeping customers is creating a rich menu that would offer a wide variety of choices.

Some people are used to the classic type with whipped cream and some fruit, while others prefer Nutella or any sort of cocoa spread. Some like them sprinkled with coconut, dried fruit, or simply sugar, but some even like to go as simple as sugar and lemon drops. Some like heavy cream, like coconut, caramel or Kinder Bueno cream, but others prefer maple syrup. There are those who like their pancakes to be packed with fresh pieces of fruit, such as apples, strawberries, bananas; but there are those who like pancakes packed with vegetables, also! Many people prefer savory pancakes. Ham and cheese are the most frequently asked option, but there are those who simply love the Hiroshima style pancakes topped with cabbage, meat, and cheese. Some would even dip their pancakes into mayo and ketchup!

But the best pancakes will always be those at coffeeshop Prix d’Ami! Especially when you get the munchies… and we know this place is a “Munchies Paradise”!

The gem of Amsterdam and the largest coffeeshop in the world, fairly and proudly carrying “The Best one in the Netherlands” label, has been attracting locals and tourists for ages now!

Prix d’Ami is located in a very attractive part of the city, within just 2 minutes walking distance from the Central Station and right near Amsterdam’s most visited museums and attractions. Finding it is an easy task, and enjoying what it has to offer, is even easier!

Prix d’Ami has the richest and most diverse food menu from any other coffeeshop in the Netherlands. Their food is always fresh, carefully cooked, and delicious, you’d be back for more in no time! Their dessert menu and their pancake menu are just as impressive, and if you are looking for a dreamy unforgettable treat, this is the place you should visit when you come to Amsterdam! Here you will have the opportunity to try the most delicious pancakes and crepes served with chocolate sauce, ice cream and whipped cream, or Nutella and marshmallows. You can always add some of the most preferable toppings, such as strawberries and bananas. The smooth texture and amazingly rich flavor makes the Prix d’Ami’ pancakes widely popular and talked about!

But don’t forget to try their waffles as well, served with chocolate sauce, ice cream and whipped cream, just like the pancakes.

Their sweet treats menu offers crème brûlée, delicious banana split, a set of triple donuts and yogurt with fruit, so your sugar cravings can be fully satisfied.

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