Beginners Class: Edibles, All You Need To Know Before Trying Them

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Beginners Class: Edibles, All You Need To Know Before Trying Them

Today, Cannabis-infused foods are nothing less than a multi-million-dollar market, and eating cannabis is a way of consumption that is getting increasingly more popular, although smoking is still the preferable method. There are various types of edibles; marijuana brownies are not where the list begins and stops!

But, edibles can be rather tricky if you are a beginner, and you haven’t gotten the right information before you decide to give them a try!

If you have been wondering how the body processes the edibles and if you are considering trying edibles for the first time, there are few important things you should have in mind in order to have a safe and positive experience!

What beginners usually want to know before they try edibles is “how does it feel?”.

People usually describe similar sensation from smoking and eating cannabis.

What differs is the way the THC gets absorbed and then how the body processes it. When smoking, the body absorbs the THC through the lungs, then it goes directly into the bloodstream, and the effects usually kick in within 10 minutes. With edibles, this takes more time. The body needs first to digest the food or drink, and THC is absorbed through the stomach, then it passes through the intestine and makes its way to the liver. The liver then breaks down the THC and allows it to enter the bloodstream. The effects can usually be felt in at least 30 minutes or even two hours. This is why the “high” feeling lasts longer with edibles.

When you smoke cannabis, you can expect to feel the effects wear off after 3 hours, but with edibles, it can take much longer, 8 or 10 hours, since edibles bind to fats in the body. This is why some people who suffer from insomnia take them before they go to bed. Some people can’t even go out in public after consuming edibles. Driving should be out of the question in such a state.

The way you start your journey with edibles is very important as well! If you are a beginner, it is recommended to start slowly, with no more than 10 mg of THC. Experts suggest waiting at least two hours before ingesting more cannabis. After a day, you could try a slightly higher dose, increasing by 5 mg at a time. Patience is key, and being careful is the most important part of having fun.

Beginners should really be careful where they purchase the edibles from. Finding a legitimate dispensary that sells lab-tested edibles with labels that say how much THC is in them is very helpful and important. It is also important for the first time to be in a safe environment, around an experienced or a sober person. Eating good and drinking fluids is also helpful before starting. And in case you get too high at first, try not to panic! Get some good rest, drink lots of water and find something which will distract you until the effect passes. Having a dose of pure CBD on hand for balance may also be helpful!

Being extra careful is of immense importance for your health! Having fun may end up badly if you are taking careless actions, so consider these tips and enjoy your edibles! 

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