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10 Things To Do After a Smoke

Amy Wilkinson

10 Things To Do After a Smoke

... or two.

Getting high is proven to have a wide range of benefits for many, but above all of those for most of us, it's just pretty damn enjoyable.

We've put together a list of our top things to do when you've had a smoke, and we're stoked to share these with you:

Eat great food

Well, we thought we'd go for the obvious first.

Cannabinoids and terpenes found in bud are known for enhancing your appetite and helping your tastebuds enjoy certain foods way more than usual.

If you're making a visit to Prix D'Ami, you're in luck. We've designed the creme de la creme of munchie menus filled with fresh and indulgent dishes that'll be sure to set an unforgettable high experience for you during your trip.

We also wrote a guide here on the best foods to eat while you're high. Yum.

Watch a good movie

This one's (again, pretty obvious) a.

When high and in doubt, watch a damn good movie. Now - if you think this applies only to green-related movies, you're wrong. Pick a genre you love, pick a, and you're set for a great high.

We love movies at Prix D'Ami, that's why we have literally filled our space with areas to chill out in front of a flatscreen, and we even built an in-ground cinema room. If you're interested in a movie, ask our staff and we'll see what we can do!

Top tip: for the ultimate high, level up by adding great food

Go to a party

Myth: Parties are better with alcohol

Fact: Parties are better with bud

Enough said? We love a party, that's why we join forces with Amsterdam's resident DJ's to host some of the hottest parties in Amsterdam. Get in touch if you're interested in the upcoming calendar!

Go for a scenic walk

While you might be feeling a little lethargic after a heavy smoke, you'd be surprised at how incredible a little fresh air will make you feel after a leisurely stroll.

Amsterdam is a beautiful city, and with a network of stunning canals running through the centre you'd struggle to step out your front door and not enjoy your stroll. If you're looking for some advice on where to walk, ask our team when you're in the shop and they'll be happy to help guide your trip!

Tip: if you're feeling adventurous, try a hike! Just, you know, don't get too high and climb too high. That sh*t can get rough.

Visit beautiful viewpoints

There's no better experience for a stoner than a breathtaking view. If you're at home reading this, have a little look for some easily accessible viewpoints near you that you can head to and have a smoke on the spot. If you're in Amsterdam, there are some beautiful, secluded places to spark up and take in your surroundings, like the Amstel River or NDSM.

Go on a boat trip

Now this one might be difficult depending on where you're located in the world, but if you're planning a trip to Amsterdam, an absolute must-do on your list is a boat trip.

While not all providers will let you smoke on the boat, there's nothing stopping you from having a quick light up before hopping on and floating through the stunning historical canals of the city.

If you're looking for something more oriented around smoking, ask our team for recommendations.

Go for a bike ride

We love this one because anyone can do this, anywhere!

A casual bike ride while high is nothing short of bliss. Refreshing is an understatement, and if you do it right you get to enjoy some of those views we mentioned, too.

To note: riding a bike on roads does come with potential risks, so we recommend you only do this one if you're confident on a bike and ensuring safe cycling measures.

Visit galleries and museums

For most of us, you're never far from a gallery or museum. For those of us in Amsterdam, you're swimming in them! A great way to pass high time is visiting a gallery or museum. You'll discover new things you enjoy and retain fascinating information you otherwise would have dismissed.

It's pretty awesome.

We'd definitely add this to the list if you're visiting us. I mean, we literally have a square called Museum Square (Museumplein) and host some incredible art events throughout the year that showcase famous artists like Van Gogh. Who doesn't love looking at Starry Night stoned?

Listen to music

Green and music are a match made in heaven, and some of the greatest musicians of all time would back that statement up. We won't drive your experience too much here because music is personal, but we'd suggest making a playlist you love and sticking it on when you're getting hazy.

Play board games

And last but far from least, release your inner child! There's no better opportunity than when you're high to do this, and honestly, there's plenty of fun in it for everyone.

Get the playing cards out, stack the Jenga up, and get settled in for an afternoon of laughs.

We've got chill areas as far as the eye can see at Prix D'Ami, so get yourselves down here, pick a strain, grab a bite to eat and make yourselves at home before heading out on an adventure.

Discover Amsterdam with us & learn more on how to make the most of your city trip with Prix D'Ami.

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