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What To Do When You're Having a Bad Trip

Amy Wilkinson

What To Do When You're Having a Bad Trip

Even the most experienced smokers can see a bad day become a bad trip, so here's what to do when that happens.

First and foremost, it feels pretty imperative to clarify any dangers that may or may not occur when you smoke:

If you've had a few hits and you're not feeling good, it's important to remember not to panic. Nobody has ever died from a green-related overdose, and in most worst-case scenarios the only thing likely to lead to requiring medical attention is a panic or anxiety induced attack.

Anyone can have a bad trip.

From an unsettled feeling, to lack of sleep, to trying a new strain - there's always a possibility of it happening, and *anyone* can have a bad trip.

But, what does this really mean? What is a 'bad trip', and should you worry about them when considering smoking?

A bad trip is unique to each and any individual that encounters such a feeling, and there's no real definition as to what it involves. Some of the more common attributes are:

  • Feeling anxious, nervous, or on edge
  • Feeling unusually paranoid
  • Increased body temperature and/or heart rate
  • Experiencing irrational fears

Although it can be pretty unnerving to experience any one of these, they generally pose no real risk or threat to you or those around you, and, provided they're dealt with as best as possible you'll have soon forgotten all about the experience and be feeling better in no time.

So, if you ever find yourself in such position, here are our top tips on how to handle it:

1 - Try to keep calm

We mentioned this one already, but it's pretty important to remember, and definitely worth noting more than once.

The typical culprit behind a bad trip from smoking bud is anxiety. Anxiety can manifest in countless ways, from making you feel uncomfortable in a crowd of people to making you feel uncomfortable in your own skin.

And yes, this next bit of advice is easier said than done, but the very best thing you can do when feeling anxious is try and stay calm. The more you follow the feeling, the more you feed it, and unfortunately, the worse you will feel.

2 - Focus on your breathing

There are a number of methods that help in maintaining a calmer, more neutral state when feeling anxious, and one of the most effective when it comes to smoking is breathwork.

Breathwork is scientifically proven to help slow a fast heartbeat and, in recent years, has been widely adopted by many as therapeutic and relaxing methods to reduce anxiety generally.

If you've smoked and you're feeling panicked, try to take deep breaths, in and out, and count each breath as they come and go, trying to extend them for as long as feels comfortable without holding your breath at all.

3 - Find people you trust and a calm place

We'd recommend any new smoker or potentially anxious smoker to make sure they're smoking in the right conditions.

That can mean surrounding yourself with people you know you can depend on, and making sure that you're comfortable in the environment you choose to smoke in.

If you start to feel uncomfortable, tell a friend that you trust to support you, and focus on something around you that makes you feel comfortable - like music, art, or greenery.

4 - If you're a new or unsure smoker, start with low level THC

If you're worried about being anxious while smoking, the likelihood of feeling anxiety will increase with stronger THC strains.

It's best to start with a strain that has lower levels of THC, and if you feel as though you want something a little stronger, work your way up!

Always ask your budtender for strain recommendations based on how you're feeling and what type of high you're looking for.

5 - Remember: it will pass

If you're not feeling good about smoking, consider giving it a miss this time. You might be feeling better after some food, sleep, or just a little time.

If you're in a position where you've already had a smoke and you're feeling anxious, try to remember the facts:

  • Nobody has ever died of a green-related overdose
  • It's just a feeling, it will pass
  • Nothing bad is going to happen from this feeling

It's important to note, if your feelings persist and/or increase, and at any time you feel like you might need medical attention, find someone who is First Aid trained to help you and seek further medical assistance if and where necessary.

We work hard to ensure our customers feel safe at Prix D'Ami, and ensure all of our staff are up-to-date with their medical training and can both recognise the signs of a bad high and support you in any way needed if you're having a bad time.

If you're coming to Amsterdam and looking for a safe space to smoke,give us a visit and check out what we have to offer.

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